Friday, January 19, 2001

Would you like to learn French? Möchtest Du Französisch lernen? Go to and gehe zu polar. It's fun! You're investigating a murder case...
A bit of Comparative literature and cultureclcwebjournal may interest Nines (yes? no?). I don't know if you will be interested by this type of articles. Anyway, just click and try.
Soon we are going to work on research methods in Translation. For those interested in literary translation and in postmodernism there is Postmodern Culture, a e-journal. However, before clicking on the link, I have to tell that you can't read articles unless you subscribe. I'm thinking of asking to the Uni, to see if the Library can do that for us...

Monday, January 08, 2001

TR - Speaking about all these sites and links, here is a proseminar paper from Anukaisa Alanen from the University of Tampere, Finland, on The Translator and the Current Services of the Internet. There are some pros and cons at the end of the paper. One of the drawbacks is that Internet is time consuming and people tend to get addicted. I could not agree more!!
TR - What is interesting on Anthony Pym's Homepage is that you can read some of his papers online, and that you can find a list of links to some theoricists' homepage.
TR - The Translator's Home Companion is a very neat and well presented site. Glossaries again, and lists of other resources, agencies, softwares to download, conferences, etc
TR - No, I do not spend all my time on the Internet!
I notice for example very few French sites on translation for the moment. French sites are more Windowshops of agencies. Sites with resources and links are mainly in English. I've just found that one :Translation Research - Web Directory. If you click on Translation Theory or History of translation nothing really happens. you just end up in another page with no links or information on. But it seems that you can add links. So if you wish to contribute, or find some more dictionaries and glossaries, just click on the address above.
TR - I've been too short on the preceding post. One of the papers - Translators’ On-line Resources - gives some interesting links to dictionaries, glossaries, translation software sites, etc, etc.
TR - I read one article from the Translation Journal. Ezines on translation are rather rare on the Internet. So let's read the other articles...

Sunday, January 07, 2001

TR - Anna Mazzoldi is Italian, and her site English * Italiano not only offers resources for Italian/English translators, but also some unusual links, like games dictionaries (e.g Poker dictionary) or Sounds of the world's animals database.
TR - Lynn Webb's Translation Resources lists links to monolingual and multilingual dictionaries and to other resourceful sites. She has also put a list of universities where translation can be studied.

Saturday, January 06, 2001

TV - je continue la série. Arte est très intéressante pour ses Thémas et les films parfois inédits qu'elle diffuse.

Wednesday, January 03, 2001

TV - Indispensable pour les profs de FLE, surtout pour les niveaux avancés, la Cinquième vous aidera à programmer vos magnétoscopes et à préparer vos cours sur des thèmes variés.
DICO - un site utile pour les francophones et que j'ai déjà mentionné dans Ozzone: le dictionnaire universel francophone. Il n'est pas mal lorsque l'on tombe sur des termes à l'aspect banal, mais qui se révèlent de vrais termes techniques.